• Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB
  • Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB
  • Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB


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  • Filtros/ Filters
  • Bombas para piscina
  • Heaters
  • High Performance Heater
  • Exclusivo de Pentair y GLB
  • Mantenimiento/ Maintenance
  • Automated Controls
  • Lightning Systems
  • Tabletas de Clorox 3 pulgadas
  • Filtro y bombas para piscinas

Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB

Distribuidor de efectos y equipos para piscinas

  • • Línea de químicos GLB Super Change
  • • Tabletas Clorox 3 pulgadas
  • • Filtros y bombas para piscinas

The Systems Approach

Today's pool equipment offers significantly better performance than older designs. But the promise of improved performance isn't realized if components aren't properly matched. Although not all pool product manufactures offer such fully integrated systems, Pentair's line of pumps, filters and heaters have been designed to work together to deliver top performance, maximum energy efficiency and long, maintenance-free life. Your pool professional will be happy to recommend a pump, filter and heater combination that best meets your requirements.

IntelliTouch™ Control Systems

Smart and simple pool and spa automation

IntelliTouch is the smart system that makes pool and spa ownership even more relaxing and fun. With its intelligent electronic circuitry and simple programmability, IntelliTouch makes operating and maintaining your pool and spa incredibly easy and absolutely worry-free.

IntelliTouch control panels have large, sharp, high-resolution screens with easy-to-view commands and icons. Simple menus allow you to create and change programs without the need for complicated sequences. Choose from preset programs or create your own to schedule your pool and spa equipment operation. Service is simple, with "Service" and "Time Out" modes that allow all programs to be run from the outside equipment pad, with no need to worry about reprogramming.

There's an IntelliTouch system for every application - swimming pools, pool and spa combinations, custom spas and pools with separate spas. With control circuits from five to forty and beyond, the possibilities are almost limitless.

IntelliTouch remote control options include:

  • • Mobile Touch wireless control - all the functionality of the indoor control panel
  • • Four function wireless remote
  • • Four function spa-side remote
  • • Ten function spa-side remote

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