• Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB
  • Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB
  • Exclusive distributor of Pentair and GLB

PUMPS from Pentair


Offers an unbeatable combination of performance, ease of operation and service and value for inground pools. Available with ¾ to 2 hp motors. Flow rates from 60 to 120 gpm. UL and CSA listed.

Filters from Pentair

Triton® II Sand Filter

The industry standard for many good reasons. Features include: one pierce fiberglass reinforced tank with UV resistant coating for years of dependable service; heavy-duty closure, easy-to-read pressure gauge with air relief valve, swing-away diffuser for instant access to sand and internal parts, threaded bulkhead connectors for easy installation and service and combination sand and water drain for fast servicing / winterizing. Five sizes with flow rates from 38 to 141 gpm: 19", 21", 24", 30", 36". NSF listed.

Other high performance sand filters from Pentair include the Tagelus® and Meteor®, both designed for exceptional ease of operation and maintenance.

FNS® Plus Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Fiberglass reinforced polypropylene gives the FNS Plus filter tank superior strength, durability and chemical resistance. Features a top manifold design and Service-Ease® grid pack for convenient one-at-a-time grid servicing and longer runs between cleanings. High Flow manual air relief valve and continuous internal air relief eliminate accumulated air. Three models, from 48 to 120 gpm. NSF listed.

Other Pentair D.E. filters include the Warrior®, designed for lower flow applications and no-tools servicing; and the Star® with the "swish and bump" system for cleaning without disassembly.

The Clean & Clean® Cartridge Filter

Our leader for residential pools, this proven design features integrated continuous internal air relief, High Flow® manual air relief valve and an innovative lock ring, for fast, safe, leak-proof closure and no-tool servicing. Available in flow rates from 50 to 150 gpm. Also available is the Clean and Clear® Plus, a commercial grade filter with tremendous dirt-holding capacity, superior strength and durability.


High Performance Heater

by Pentair Pool Products®

Fast, efficient, compact, quiet, safe and eco-friendly:

No matter what you're seeking in your swimming pool heater, MasterTemp® measures up. Compare this list of features to any other and you'll see why MasterTemp is setting a new standard for total value.

  • Very compact design for such a high performance heater allows for smaller overall equipment pads that won't intrude on your poolscape.
  • A fully pre-mixed system with a highly efficient air and gas mixture lets MasterTemp heat up fast. No long waits before enjoying your pool or spa.
  • Compare energy efficiency ratings and you'll find MasterTemp at the top of the list. Comfort and economy can go together.
  • With a hot surface ignition (no pilot light) and pushbutton, digital controls, MasterTemp is as easy to operate as your home heating system. Plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap.
  • The easy-to-view, rotating digital display places controls front and center, no matter how MasterTemp is positioned on your equipment pad.
  • MasterTemp is engineered for super-quiet operation and won't intrude on your poolside leisure time.
  • A tough, rustproof composite exterior handles the heat and weathers the elements.
  • Eco-friendly, MasterTemp is certified for low NOx emotions and outperforms industry standards.
  • Safe operation is assured through a series of features, including; a water pressure switch that senses the pump is running to prevent overheating; high limit switches assure the heater turns off it water temperature exceeds factory-set limits; manual gas shut-off when service is required; stack flue sensor also guards against overheating.
  • Approved for installation on combustible surfaces.

Outstanding heating efficiency with reduced NOx emissions

Today's heaters from Pentair make extending your pool season, adding to your comfort and maximizing your backyard enjoyment surprisingly easy and affordable. They heat up fast. They are economical to run. And they're built to last for many years. The MiniMax NT low NOx heater has been specifically engineered to produce lower amounts of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions. It also features strong corrosion resistant stainless steel burners, durable headers, a composite top and a weatherproof anodized aluminum exterior. The MiniMax NT low NOx heater also includes ceramic fiber tile insulation and "intelligent" controls that sense water temperature and pressure for optimum flow.

The MiniMax NT low NOx heater is the most technologically advanced heater we've ever developed. It is available in such models to suit a range of pool and spa heating requirements. The MiniMax NT low NOx heater is highly reliable and features energy-saving "Hot Surface" ignition, fast heat-up and exceptional efficiency for lower operating costs. What's more, with its space-saving, low profile design, the MiniMax NT low NOx heater will blend easily into any backyard decor.

Stain Control




for sand, cartridge and D.E. filters




Chlorine Products:

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  • • Sticks
  • • Chlorine Stabilizer

Bromine Products:

  • • Brominating Tablets

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